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Enjambres de abejas


Our swarms are delivered in high-density waterproof laminate HDF cores, resistant for long trips with a return option.

We use the standard Dadant measures. The swarms are equipped with five new panels with stretched wax, three of them with brood and larva, and two with honey and pollen. They come with the Queen bee of the year and laying eggs.

We have selected the most productive Queens and exclude the swarming ones, eliminating the specimens most sensitive to bee diseases, to guarantee the production of swarms with good genetics.

Prior to delivery, we verify the health status, the brood quantity and the productive behaviour of the swarm to ensure their after-sales warranty.


Bee Packages

Our bee packages have an increasingly high demand due to their sanitary advantages, since they eliminate the diseases/pests associated with poultry, wax and wood. They consist of 1.2 kg of queen attendant bees and a fertilised queen of the year.

They are highly recommended due to their health warranty and easily adapt to any type of hive with quick development.

We work with the Spanish Honey Bee (Apis mellifera iberiensis), which is characterized by its resistance, good breeding, productive worker and hygiene. We affirm that they effectively withstand winters; they have a high performance during blooming season and keep the hive clean.


Queen Bees

The selection of our queens is the image of perfection, the Spanish honey bee: Apis mellifera iberniensis; we have selected this species since they are highly productive and easy to handle; the selected queen bees are disease-free and not swarming. The production cycles are meticulously controlled to achieve the optimum qualities which define them.

They are shipped in a transport box accompanied with bees to ensure their care and feeding during the trip.

We provide an option to deliver a marked queen upon request.